Founded in 2008, SUNNY PLAST SRL is a company in continuous development, focused on windowsills made of PVC, aluminium, as well as wall paneling made of PVC, in a various range of sizes and textures, in order to satisfy the needs of the current market.

Our company is interested especially in production efficiency so that we can offer higher quality products for competitive prices. The investment strategy in the technological development and the professionalism of the team ensures that the company operates in a production hall over 4000m2, where constantly 4 last generation extrusion production lines are running.

The staff of more than 60 employees ensure a continuous production flow, necessary to meet the orders.

The ISO and conformity certification, as well as the care for the environment according to European standards, make SUNNY PLAST SRL one of the important manufacturers of windowsills and panels made of PVC on the European market.