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Sunny Plast brand values

Founded in 2008, the Sunny Plast brand is in a constant development process, focused on producing a various range for the manufacture of PVC systems for PVC windows, doors, window sills, and paneling, in order to meet the need of an ever-changing market demand.





The strategy to invest in technological development and the team’s professionalism is the reason why nowadays the company operates in a
more than 9000 sq.m. production hall, where 10 state-of-the-production lines Greiner Extrusiontechnik Austria.
Sunny Plast invested and still investing constantly in high technology with a constant preoccupation for high-quality standards, The CE,
ISO and conformity certifications, as well as the respect for the environment according to European standards, make the Sunny Plast brand
one of the leading producers of PVC systems, PVC paneling, and window sills in the European market.
Sunny Plast has its regional warehouses and a fleet of heavy-duty shipping trucks enabling the prompt fulfillment of the clients’ needs and
a quick delivery time.
The Sunny Plast systems are the key to inexhaustible design potential, whether it’s about extra-large windows, annex windows, or simple
windows, with distinctive characteristics and angles. The actual range contains four-chambered ,five-chambered, and six-chambered profile
systems and a large range of windowsills and paneling for outdoor and indoor solutions. The range is supplemented with profile systems
adapted to any request of the architects and window buyers.


The Sunny Plast brand places a high importance to functionality and reliability of all systems and their quality means not only the harmonised
unity of the product range, but also supervising all the manufacture, reasearch and development stages, as well as
ecologic production or recyclability.

Demolish with new technology.

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