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Made by extrusion, PVC paneling is the best solution for rooms with high moisture and condensation because it is not corrosive, don t rot has no yellow over time, no painting is required, don t detuned, easy to maintain.

Providing a pristine appearance, neatness, and healthcare, PVC paneling is the best choice for steel buildings for manufacturing or processing, cold storage, factories, warehouses, slaughterhouses, and cellars.



*100% recyclable,
*Easy maintenance and installation, without visible bracing
*Fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, and without any pathogen such as
*Include fastening profiles, edge trim, or joint profiles in a large range of
colors for a homogenous look.
*Available in 125 mm and 300 mm widths and up to 3000 mm lengths
*As a mere plug-in system, the tongue and groove joint on both sides part,
a joint made by fitting a tongue on the edge of a board into a matching
groove on another board, is easy to achieve.

Permanent range of colours